Five Reasons Why You Need Lube in the Bedroom

When we are talking about what should be in your bedside drawer I will make a strong argument for a tube of lube. Lube is one the most important things you can do to your body. Lube shouldn't be confined to anal sex. It should be a necessary necessity for everyone who has sex at all levels. Here are some reasons why lube is so useful.

1. Lube helps you get ready for sex without any pain 

The vaginal system is not ready to go the way a prepackaged salad from Woolworths. It is crucial to get enough water to allow penetration. This is often as hard as an erection. Dryness, which can lead to discomfort or pain during penetration, can be caused by being cold, nervous, tired, or taking a while for your body to warm up. Dryness is inverted commas to avoid the negative connotation that it means you are not sexually active or being aroused. However, there are many reasons why not being wet could be occurring. Dryness can be a sign that your vagina is doing its own thing, including self-lubricating. You can increase your sexual desire by having a slow, sensual massage using a lubricant/massage oil combination.

2. Lube helps your libidos and bodies harmonise

eryone has their own libido, and it is rare for yours to synchronize with another's. One partner may be ready to go, while the other might need more time. Sometimes, the physical signs of "I'm ready", such as erections or being wet, don't align. A fickle friend who is easily scared can have an erection. They like to be there when they aren't needed, but stay still when they are. By being a little shortcut, lube can help partners avoid the awkward timing battles of genitals. Use lube to help your vagina if you aren't wet enough. Encourage them to blow their noses if they aren't having an erection. You can make oral foreplay fun for them and yourself with a tasty -flavored lubricant. Intimacy is most effective when both partners are available.

3. Lube makes anal sex enjoyable

This one is obvious. Anal lube is recommended for those who are going to be having anal sex. Make sure you use lots of lube. Use more lube if you don't feel you have enough. This is something I can't stress enough. Use lube. No one has ever said, "Jeez, I used too much lube" during anal.

4. Lube makes putting a condom on less awkward

sex is all about flow. If there's one thing that can stop it from flowing, it's not stopping to put on your gloves. It's necessary to adjust the condom's edges, then roll it on. This can sometimes take away spontaneity, especially if your vagina doesn't like the smell of latex. It takes a lot of effort and a few words to get things moving again. A generous amount of warming oil will help you return to your passion faster. The lubricant can be applied along the penis to increase their arousal and allow you to enjoy intimate sex.

5. Lube is good for other things too, not just penetration

ube is more than just for penetrative sexual sex. Your handy little tube can be used for more than just hand-related sex. A little lubricant can make it easier to insert tampons and menstrual cups, especially for those who have trouble with them. A dermatologically approved lubricant is best for personal use.